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As an online marketer, do you face the regular difficult choice of where and how to spend your time?  Do you want to be one of the many online marketers making millions of dollars in profit with less time working per day or would you rather spend countless hours at the computer to find you are just struggling to survive?


There is so much to be done when promoting your website just to keep up with the competition out there, how will you manage to do all of this on your own while trying to take care of all the other aspects of your business?


What you need is to find a way to maximize your business profits without your business taking over your whole life.  There is a saying “Work Smart, Not Hard”, you must be able to delegate in order to spend less hours and yet see greater results.


You need to get someone else, who is an expert in the field, to take care of much of the time consuming work, you need to outsource to highly qualified individuals who can help you cut down on your work hours, save you money on advertising and increase your profits!

We’ve got the talent, track record and competence to take your Google Adwords Campaigns and turn them into the ultimate money making machines for you and your Company while saving you a ton of time and money.


We have very determined team members, who will not quit until they get the results we are looking to achieve.  We have the discipline to get the job done and gain the upper hand in your niche market. 


So ...


How much are you currently able to get done with your search engine marketing in the amount of time and knowledge available to you?  And are you able to get everything you need done on a regular basis, say, weekly?  Which of the following can you honestly say you are able to stay on top of?


   Do you try to improve the performance of every keyword and adgroup by running split tests on all your PPC campaigns?


When you run split tests, how do you determine which ad makes you the most money?  Do you know how to calculate your profit per impression?


Do you use the “peel and stick” system for your keywords to present exactly what your searchers want?


Do you go as far as the keyword level to track your conversions to leads and even sales?


Google operates in an extremely unique and different way from other search engines.  Are you clear on its operations and realize the capacity at which you can succeed through its network?


Do you use your successful campaigns from your Google Adwords accounts in other search engines to maximize potential traffic to your site?


Are you properly taking advantage of the dynamic keyword insertion?


Do you monitor your competition?  In detail?  Do you track their campaigns every single day?  Do you know which competitors are most successful?  Do you know which are their best ads and keywords that are turning the most profit for them?


Are you fully utilizing every one of the 8 match types in your campaigns?


Do you run separate campaigns for different countries in the world in order to avoid overspending for your ads?


When dealing with a local market, do you geo-target each state, city or town?


Do you use as many negative keywords as possible to save in your spending?


Do you frequently check your server logs to increase your number of successful keywords?


It is extremely difficult to stay on top of all these activities on a regular basis without outsourcing the work because you have your business to run as well.  Take it from those who are at the top of the online marketing world.


[One example is a Very Successful Money Maker out there who is running a Seven Figure Business and Most of His Work is Outsourced.  He alone works Only Four Hours per Week!]


This is Where We Come In to Get Your Campaigns to Where They Need To Be.


Proper PPC Campaign set-up and management highly improves your ROI.  Creating and managing your pay per click campaign is time-consuming and does require constant monitoring.  If not properly done, you could end up losing a lot of money.  The right knowledge and/or expertise, set-up and management of PPC campaigns will greatly improve your ROI.


Our team members have over 30 years combined internet marketing experience who know how to set-up and manage Google AdWords accounts to compete against much larger advertisers without overpaying for keywords or blowing your advertising budget.  We will “get inside the head of your prospect/client” and direct him/her to click on your ad and follow through to your website.


We have successfully consulted “beginners and intermediates” build their online business helping them achieve and often surpass their goals.  Moving up the “organic ladder” is great, however, as you may have experienced, rather slow.  The quickest most cost-effective method of driving targeted traffic to your site is through Google AdWords.  Done correctly, you will achieve your goals very quickly.


Full-Service PPC set-up and management includes:


  Google AdWords campaign development through careful analysis and consideration of your goals

  Audit of current Google AdWords account and/or Web Site

  Implement conversion tracking and analytics to improve your ROI

  Keyword research and development

  Keyword bid management

  Targeted & Relevant ads

  Writing and testing multiple ad copy

  Constant review of your account to optimize performance

  Detailed weekly campaign performance reporting

  Monthly management & optimization

  Geo-Targeting Specialist


We approach your account using a skill set and intuition to create a one-of-a-kind master piece and Not a COOKIE CUTTER method.  We are never satisfied unless we see cycles of continuous improvement.  After having creatively applied the best strategies for your account and tested it, we will evaluate the results and eliminate what is not working and move your account forward with those that improve your ROI.  By repeating this cycle of controlled continuous improvement, your campaigns will give you the successful results you demand and require.


We take great pride in all our work and do not take any short-cuts.  We do not use any bidding tools, etc.  All management and monitoring is done 100% manually.  Each account is treated as our very own Google AdWords account.


We are very confident in our proven marketing strategies that will improve any current AdWords campaign with higher click thru rates and/or lower costs per click within the first 30 days.



Are We a Good Fit?


It is important we let you know that we are particular with who we choose to work with.  We are very confident in our capabilities to help any type of business to flourish with Google Adwords, however, we also have specific requirements of our potential clients in order to pursue a long term working relationship.  We expect that you are currently spending a minimum of $1,000 per month on Google Adwords and that you possibly fit into a category below;


-You find yourself in a position where you are no longer able to better your results with your current campaigns


-You are in a position where you have spent a lot of money with Google without the expected return and are looking for ways to save on your advertising dollars


-You understand and respect what it is we do and that we take our work very seriously and put a lot of time and effort into rebuilding your account for maximized results



If you do not yet have a Google Adwords account and are looking to get started in building campaigns for your business, we are more than happy to work with you as long as you are willing to spend a minimum of $1,000 per month on your campaigns.  If you are taking on this working relationship with us, you need to be as serious as we are about it and trust that the figure listed above is necessary to bring you the required return you are looking for.


We are willing, able and fully capable of taking care of your Google Adwords needs, whatever they may be, if you fit the above descriptions to any extent.


There are only two exceptions to this;


1. If you are selling something that we do not approve of such as anything hateful, pornographic, related to cigarettes, gambling and other products and services that are illegal or lack social value. 


2. If you do not feel comfortable with the fee schedule below.  Our team members put 150% effort into everything we do for our clients.  We bring results to completely satisfied customers every single day and expect that our standards are properly valued.  We need to have a solid working relationship and to have us on your team will payoff your fees tenfold when all is said and done.  You need to trust us and we’ll make it worth your while.



Fee Schedule


Each client is charged a different fee depending on what amount of work each account requires in the set up.  The minimum fee required is $997 to initiate working with the client and fully understanding what your business is about and how we can produce top quality results on the work done with your account.


Once we have completed the process of setting up a well organized and fine tuned account, we then charge $697 monthly in order to continue to maintain and enhance the ROI for your business.



Phase 1


Set Up, Overhaul and Rebuild Your Account


We spend a lot of time in the first phase of working with your account because all PPC accounts are unique and different and we need to familiarize ourselves with your niche market, who you, the company is, where you fit in, what you are selling. 


We also get to know what it is you are looking for in our working relationship.  Your choice of approach, our recommendations and how together we can devise a successful account that works for you.  We will spend a good amount of time on keyword research and evaluate your competition.  During this phase you will have a new Google Adwords account built or re-organized.


Phase 2

Continue with Maintaining Your Edge and ROI Growth


This second phase begins when your account is organized and ready to work for you.  At this point we will pay attention to your bids and work on maximizing your ROI with the current keywords and ad groups in your account.  We will widen your market by expanding your campaigns through the other dominant search engines like Microsoft [Yahoo/Bing].  We will add new keywords as found suitable to draw in more traffic. 


When we come to a point where we feel that efforts in areas of your account are maximized for the time being, we then will pay attention to other areas such as your landing page and search for potential enhancements.  We will stay on top of your niche market and continually watch for any modifications we can make as the search engine algorithms qualities continue to progress.



Why Are We Your Best Outsourcing Choice?


Unlike other companies, we will not charge you a percentage of your traffic costs as our fee.  We do not feel that it is fair to charge based on what you are paying on PPC’s because what that tells us is that other companies who do this will find incentive in placing large amounts of low quality keywords in your account to draw general traffic, not targeted. 


They will also place vague ads, both resulting in you spending a lot of advertising dollars but drawing in crowds who may not be looking for exactly what you are selling, if they are even looking to buy at all (a lot of people are just looking for information online).  In turn, these other companies will make a nice profit on your account but you will not be making a very good Return On your Investment.


We also do not charge an hourly rate.  Therefore, you need not worry that you are paying for someone to basically take their time working on your account to put in a lot of hours yet again, not concerning themselves with maximizing your Return On Investment.



So, Let’s Review…

We will propose a set up fee to be discussed individually with each client in order to bring your account to where you need it to be.  Remember that the minimum set up fee is $997. 

Once the set up phase is complete, you will simply pay the $697 monthly flat fee for me to continue overseeing and maintaining your account as well as regularly looking to increase your profits.


All payments will be handled through Alert Pay’s Secure Servers and your money spent is tax deductible.


You will not be expected to make any long term commitments for the monthly ongoing campaign maintenance, we can go month to month.


Confidence Goes a Long Way


We want you to be confident and sure of our working arrangement which is why we prefer to deal with people who understand what it is we can achieve for their companies and how serious we are in our position of taking on people’s businesses to further their successes.  It gives us great pleasure and we take a lot of pride in doing so.


We do want to point out that if you are a rookie in the field of PPC accounts, no problem.  Just keep in mind that new accounts naturally take a little longer to start seeing results while they find their place amongst the Google algorithms.  Once things get going though, you will be sure to see the results.



Time is Money, Decide What You Are Worth and Start Getting the Job Done Right the First Time. 


You can find tons of other companies like mine out there who will advertise the same thing, however, you must know that even though others are certified by Google as I am, the Google certification isn’t the real test.  The true test is how serious one is with another persons account in their hands, what level of integrity do they proceed in maximizing said persons return on their investment?  We come highly sought after in our field of expertise.  Endorsed by many very happy clients and referred to so many more looking for the same level of achievement with their PPC accounts.


And if you truly value your time, you need to realize that outsourcing to us is actually going to cost you less than doing it all yourself.  Remember that the online world changes very quickly and on a regular basis.  Just keeping up with the new expectations from search engines and how they operate and rate campaigns is a full time job in itself.  The time it will take you to keep all the work required for your business will end up costing you more profits you could have been making in the long run. 


You need to get your campaigns operating at optimal capacity and you need them up there Fast.  With every passing minute, you could be losing potential profit online.  You need targeted good quality traffic to your site and we can get it to you. 


You also need to get this running on autopilot for you, so that you can focus on other aspects of your business, or better yet, enjoying life, while you continue to make a lot of money. 



What Are You Waiting For?


Now, as we have told you, our work is 100% manually done and we do not take any short-cuts as we take great pride in every single account.  Therefore, there are only so many accounts that we can take on at a time.  Our services are on a first come first served basis, so Do Not Delay, you need to sign up right now in order to get on board with success levels like no other! 


Our limited capacity for clients means that your procrastinating on this will leave you out in the cold and continued long work hours with little to show for it.


Remember, this investment will pay you back tenfold when you start making tons of money for less dollars then you were spending before.


And don’t forget, what you pay us for the service is tax deductible so you will be able to claim this expense against your income, further savings right there!


What are you waiting for?  Contact us for a consultation and let’s start making YOU some Great Money!



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