The quickest, most cost-effective method of driving targeted traffic to your site is through Google AdWords. Done correctly, you will achieve your goals very quickly.

We are 100% confident that we can drive extremely targeted traffic to your website for the bet ROI. We treat every account in the exact same manner we treat our very own Google AdWords account, which results in using the absolute best, most up-to-date strategies.

Our  proposal is customized uniquely for your requirements. The process that will be performed in five phases, uniquely designed to carefully orchestrate the results you desire. Through careful analysis and consideration of your goals, we will cover keyword research and development. Overhaul, set-up and management of your AdWords campaigns. Write and test multiple adcopy and use conversion tracking and analytics to improve your ROI.

The scope of this work is to improve traffic to your website resulting in added revenue while maintaining the campaign to be very cost-effective.

Phase 1 – Working with you to identify target customers, realistic objectives and performance criteria. We will install conversion tracking using the conversion data; we can better measure your overall ROI for your AdWords campaigns. Once we have a clear plan of action, we will set-up your Google AdWords campaigns.

Phase 2 – Fresh Keyword research and development. This will be based on search popularity, keyword effectiveness index and competitors’ analysis.  We will use techniques to identify very specific, relevant search terms for your website.

Phase 3 - Set-up Campaigns and AdGroups. Write optimized ads for each AdGroup
using extensive title and description targeting to generate new traffic and qualified leads all the time ensuring you get the best position, click through rates and conversions with the lowest cost.

Phase 4 - Once a strong foundation has been put in place, we will monitor your account closely while continuing to expand your campaigns. Geo-targeting implemented as required. With regular maintenance, your ads will stay strong. We keep abreast of what’s new with Google and how it affects your ads, without increasing your costs or losing your edge in the marketplace.

Phase 5 - You will receive reporting of any changes as they are made and detailed reports of campaign performance weekly.

SPECIAL FEE: For a limited time only

Getting to know YOUR Business, prior to building your Google AdWords Campaigns.

Build Google AdWords Campaigns and/or overhaul of existing Google AdWords Campaigns. 

Close monitoring, tweaking, split-testing and weekly reporting for 30 days.

SPECIAL Set-up Fee (including first month *Value $697*) = $997.00

(Includes all of the 5 phases detailed above and maintenance for one full month along with weekly reporting.)

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Continued monitoring, tweaking, split-testing and weekly reporting
Monthly Fee = $697.00 per month

Initial Setup Fee includes:

  • Account creation or transition
  • Initial keyword research and campaign planning
  • Ad creation for keyword and keyword groups
  • Setup of effective keyword grouping
  • Suggestions and consultation of cost reduction and changes.
  • Monthly = Continued monitoring, tweaking, split-testing and weekly reporting

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